As we shared in the last card release, in this early phase of the new season we want to commit to a quick turnaround on balance improvements.
Going into the new version of the game we wanted to make it easier to pick up and play. Previously the complexity of the rules, and the ability to completely shut down the opponent, was often leaving a long and unforgiving experience for new or more casual players. As such we had reigned back the accessibility and increased the cost of abilities on cards across the board.
While this has made the game a lot more accessible, and we can see it has helped the more casual players engage more with the game, it may have come at the cost of the complexity, and creativity, our top players enjoyed so much. With that in mind we have decreased the premium cost of abilities, allowing these cards to have better core stats. This should bring back the more nuanced and complex game that the best players love while still leaving plenty of room for more casual players to have fun.
The changes to be made in the 18th September balancing pass can be found in the following link, higlighted in yellow: 

TTF 23/24 Skill & Ability Card List