After a recent 4 week trial period, the below change made on November 6th has now been made permanent. The data and feedback we have received has been that gameplay has had increased balance and enhanced enjoyment for all users, whilst still making it accessible for new users. 

As a reminder, this was the previous announcement:  "Keeping to our commitment to regular balance improvements and meta monitoring, we're bringing in a balance adjustment on (November 6th). High skill decks have been the standard now since the release of the new gameplay changes, and while there are a number of decks that have seen success there's no doubt that this archetype is strong and consistent and therefore dominating. To increase balance, we will be compressing the current skill range from 1-10 to 1-5. Effectively all current skill values will be halved and rounded up where applicable. Since this is being applied universally it will effect all cards equally making it fair to all players, but allow for ability cards with low skill to be able to be taken with less of a penalty. Dynamic and creative play should be more accessible now, and abilities that boost card stats should be able to stand up to the previous raw power of the skill flip. That being said high skill cards will still be powerful and useful. The plan is not to make the skill decks unplayable, just to give alternative decks room to succeed."