In total, there are 11 types of player cards in Total Football. The most common card type is Base cards, all players featured within Total Football have one of these cards. They are the most commonly found and will make up the majority of your deck and collection.

Then, increasing in rarity there are:
▪        Next Goal Wins
▪        Vibrant Velocity
▪        Master Magicians
▪        White Ice
▪        Inferno
▪        First Class
▪        Reign Supreme
▪        Eternal Gold

These cards can also be found inside packs of Total Football and feature a variety of different players and teams, all of which have an equivalent base card. These cards will vary in power and play strength. Some may have multiple skill types, some may have different abilities.

There are a further two tiers, released in a different manner to the other 9 card types. These are Total Performers and Competition Cards. These cards are released throughout the season and have their own specific means of obtaining them. Total Performers are released based on UEFA competition matches and Competition cards are for those who finish at the top of the Total Football league.