Goalkeepers are incredibly powerful FAST cards that help prevent your opponent from scoring, but work differently from other cards.

▪        You must have one goalkeeper - and only one goalkeeper - in your deck.
▪        You may only play a goalkeeper during the defender’s final phase, and only when defending an attack on your goal.
▪        When played, the goalkeeper does not occupy a space on the pitch and does not require an empty space for it to be played into (no cards may be discarded to make way for a goalkeeper).
▪        During attack resolution, if there is no defending player (there is no card opposite the attacking player) the goalkeeper will act as the defending player for this round - even if the defender has no cards in play at all.

Goalkeepers have zero Attack, Defence and Skill ratings – instead, all goalkeeper cards have these two keywords:
▪        Shotblocking +X - When a shot is made on your goal, add X to your defence total. This effect also works when Skill Flipped while defending on goal.
▪        Revitaliser - Whenever this card goes to your discard pile, reshuffle your deck and discard pile.

When a goalkeeper has been played, it always goes into the discard pile at the end of the round.