Each user has a time limit for which they can take an action. Every time you are presented with an action to take, you are also presented with a timer. The timers are on the bottom of the HUD, and visible in your own and your opponent’s actions.
You have 45 seconds for a positioning phase, 15 seconds for the FAST phase. In competitive mode, the positioning phase is 30 seconds long.

If you do not wish to take an action or have finished your turn, select “End Turn”.

There are a maximum 8 rounds during a match. If a goal is scored in the 3rd or 7th turn, to prevent dead turns, extra time in the form of an additional turn is added.

Each time a user doesn’t take an action within a phase before the timer expires, you are given a ‘yellow card’ or 'strike'; which shows on the HUD. Two strikes, and you will forfeit the match.
▪        If a forfeit occurs, the opponent gets the win, and is deemed to have scored 4 goals.