Accuracy - Accuracy players use both their technical and mental abilities to gain their advantage. Accuracy players look to capitalize on their flips with abilities like +Skill Flip and are good at supporting one another.
Top Abilities: Skill Flip bonuses, Boost effects.
Weaknesses: Accuracy players tend to invest a lot to boost a single player. Abilities that exhaust and stun players can be troublesome to their overall strategy.

Control - Control players use their superior technical ability to dominate possession of the game. Control players will grant their managers additional cards and bonuses for successfully passing the ball around the pitch. Control players are more susceptible to counter attacks when they lose the ball.
Top Abilities: Tiki Taka, Support, Card Draw.
Weaknesses: Weaker without possession.

Speed - Speed players use their quickness to overwhelm the opposing team’s defence. Speed players tend to be lower in cost and can generate additional Energy.
Top Abilities: Readying players, Gaining Energy, Bonuses for small energy cost cards.
Weaknesses: Speed players aren’t generally as high-rated as others and they may struggle once the opposing team is in position. If they can’t keep the ball moving and win quickly, their advantage will quickly disappear.

Strength - Strength players use their superior ratings to dominate a lane, exhausting or stunning players in their path.
Top Abilities: Stun, Energy Drain, Bonus for playing high energy cost cards. Strength is all about excelling in one on one situations and dominating the late game.
Weaknesses: Strength players require a lot of energy and have trouble getting into position quickly. Faster strategies with low energy cost players may dominate the game before Strength can setup.
Leadership – Leadership players use their vocal and inspirational prowess to build their teammates around them, improving their scores to counter the opposition’s moves, draws and stat-building.
Top Abilities: Captain, Man-Marking, Zonal Marking
Weaknesses: Defensively strong as a unit, but can be weak in attack and when used in isolation.