Prior to purchase, we show you the odds for the different card tiers within the pack you are about to open. Different pack types may have different odds.

The odds shown refer to the chances that a particular pack will contain a specified card tier. Each pack operates in isolation, so your odds are on a per-pack basis.

This means if a pack has a 1:10 chance at a Next Goal Wins card you will have the same 1:10 chance at acquiring a Next Goal Wins card in the first pack as you do on the tenth time of opening a pack of that type.

Pack odds are represented as:
Ratios (ex: 1:10 or 1 in 10): This refers to your chance per pack at acquiring a designated card. A common misconception is that since the odds state "1:10" that after the tenth pack, you are guaranteed a card. Since our packs operate independently from one another, you have the same chance at acquiring the desired collectible on the first pack as you do on the tenth.

Percentages (%): This refers to the odds or chances that each of the cards in the pack will be a specific card. This is often used for tier cards and means that each card within a pack has an x% chance of being a specific tier (ex: Next Goal Wins 70%).