Any card that is determined to grade an ‘eight’ or better meets Topps standards.

Topps categorise a grade 8 card in line with industry standards. This means that at first glance the card looks to be of high quality, but upon closer inspection there may be a minor print imperfections, slight damage or fraying on one or two of the corners. Centering should be no more that 70/30 difference on the front.

Due to production and handling of the cards, we strive to produce mint or better card(s), but cannot guarantee these conditions. The Topps Company will replace any Topps produced card (from the current year) that is determined to be damaged or defective from production, after being reviewed by our quality control department as not constituting a grade 8 product.

Print finishes, typographical errors and editorial discrepancies are not grounds for a return.
To be eligible to be submitted for a QC review following a purchase, the initial request would need to be submitted within 30 days of purchase. Subsequent reviews of the same order fall under the same timeframe of the initial review and would not be eligible post-30 days to be submitted again.  Please note that The Topps Company does not pay for shipping when it comes to claims for damaged or defective cards and is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, delayed, or, misdirected mail. Replacements for eligible cards will be shipped within 2 to 4 weeks of receipt. Any ineligible cards received (or any cards that Topps is unable to replace, for any reason) will be returned back to the consumer.