NOTE: A card's ability can only be triggered once per turn.
FAST - This card can be played during the Final Phase and does not count against an attacker’s one card limit during that phase.
Deploy X - When this card enters play, do X.
Teamwork (TEAMNAME) X - When this card is deployed, if you control a card of TEAMNAME, do X.
Long ball – This card may pass to any card when passing.
Resilience - The first time this card would be stunned or removed after a goal, return it to your hand instead.
Skill Flip +X – When this card is used in the attack resolution, flip an additional X cards during the Skill Flip.
Boost X - give an in-play card X (this can be applied to the card triggering the boost)
Boost All X - give all your other in-play cards X
Support X - X is applied to the card directly in-front.
Shotblocking +X - When a shot is made on your goal, add X to your defence total. This effect also works when Skill Flipped while defending on goal.
Revitaliser - Whenever this card goes to your discard pile, reshuffle your deck and discard pile.
First Touch X - When this card receives the ball from a pass, do X
Playmaker X - When this card passes the ball, do X
Champion X - When this card wins a round (as an attacker or defender), do X
Tiki-Taka X - If you pass 3 or more times in a turn while this card is in play, do X
Use # Energy X – Use the amount of energy specified (#) to trigger X.
Captain – While this card is in-play (played into a card slot), do X
Zonal Marking – Cards to the side or above/below, receive X
Man-Marking – If your opponent plays a card of a certain specified skill type, do X.